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IntelliFlo® i1 Variable Speed Pump

The energy-efficient, compliant solution for retrofitting systems with smaller plumbing.

IntelliFlo® i1 Variable Speed Pump has a unique hydraulic platform that was specifically developed for compliance with certain flow rate regulations in specific geographical areas. In some regions, pool owners with smaller plumbing diameters may face regulations that restrict the rate of flow on replacement pumps in certain applications, thereby precluding them from using some of today's most energy-efficient pump models.

The IntelliFlo® i1 pool pump provides all the great features that have made our standard IntelliFlo® pumps the best-selling industry standard, but is engineered to limit the flow to the equivalent of a 1 hp WhisperFlo® pump. Furthermore, IntelliFlo® i1 pool pump has a max amp rating of 7 amps, which helps make retrofits easier in applications limited by an existing wire gauge size.





WhisperFlo®  High Performance Pump

The design that unleashed a new era in whisper-quiet operation.

® incorporates innovative hydraulic engineering to move water more efficiently and quietly than competitive pumps. Under typical operating conditions, WHISPERFLO® offers the greatest water flow of any high performance pump—yet with the lowest electrical consumption. To circulate more water in less time and at the lowest cost, choose quiet, reliable, WHISPERFLO®.



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Clean & Clear® RP
Cartridge Filter

Introducing the most efficient single cartidge filter system ever.

The Clean & Clear® RP Cartridge Filter has a side entry port, which provides nearly 50% more efficiency than any other single cartridge filter available. Inside, the Clear & Clear RP® has increased cartridge surface consistency to block and trap particles as small as 20 microns.


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Control Systems

Pool/Spa Control Systems.

The EasyTouch® Control System family offers a new level of control for homeowner's looking for an affordable, easy to use pool/spa control system. EasyTouch allows full control of all pool/spa features including advanced features such as colored lighting and IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator support. Every EasyTouch® system includes an easy to use control panel that is built into the outdoor enclosure. This control panel allows for full system setup, programmability, and everyday operation. In addition, there are several other available remote interface choices.

The EasyTouch® systems come in a variety of configurations: Pool only or Spa only, Pool/Spa with shared equipment, and also integrated with Pentair IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generator.


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Rainbow™ Model 300/320
Automatic Chlorine/Bromine Feeders

Years of customer use and satisfaction have proven Rainbow™ feeders to be the performance leader in pool & spa chemical dispensers.




Salt Chlorine Generator

IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator uses common table salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs, safely, effectively, and automatically. Same sanitation performance as manual chlorine addition without the drawbacks. No need for customers to buy, transport and store chlorine compounds


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IntelliBrite® 5G

Underwater Color-Changing LED Pool and Spa Lights

Underwater LED Lights for Swimming Pools and Spas.

IntelliBrite® 5g automated color-changing pool and spa lights feature LED technology; the wave of the future in energy efficiency, lifetime value, quality of light, and controllability. With IntelliBrite® 5g, combinations of individual colored LEDs are mixed and matched to achieve a vibrant spectrum of colors.

These combinations are power sequenced to illuminate and cycle through colors at varying speeds, and in different sequences of color. Combined with a custom reflector and unique lens design, the IntelliBrite® 5g offers super efficiency while being the brightest yet most energy efficient underwater LED light available.



IntelliBrite® 5G

White LED Pool Lights

Now pool owners can enjoy the most energy-efficient white LED lights available.

IntelliBrite® 5g White LED pool lights provide the most energy-efficient lighting ever. They use 89% less electricity than incandescent and halogen pool lights.




The world standard in pool lighting.

Enhance your pool's beauty with the world's most reliable, most popular, underwater incandescent lighting. AMERLITE® lights have been the world standard of reliability for underwater pool and spa lighting for over 40 years.

It features a stainless steel shell, 8-3/8 in. prismatic tempered glass lens, and stainless steel face ring with uni-tension clamp. AMERLITE® is expertly engineered to stand up to moisture, corrosion, and impact, and to provide optimum performance and safety for years to come.



® & SpaBrite®

Compact Pool & Spa lights.

AquaLight® and SpaBrite® are compact incandescent units especially designed to provide big lighting performance for smaller pools and spas. WithAquaLight® and SpaBrite®, your pool or spa will shine brilliantly when the sun goes down.

and SpaBrite® lights feature high quality stainless steel housings and face rings for durability. Tempered glass lenses provide optimum light diffusion. Each light comes complete with red and blue snap-on lens covers.



AquaLumin® III Lights

Nicheless halogen lighting for pools and spas.

The AquaLumin® III nicheless lights provide brilliant, double contact halogen quartz lighting for all vinyl liner pools and spas. This revolutionary design uses a mounting hub and bracket instead of a niche. This light eliminates the need for prepunched light panels, costly make-up panels and extra braces for vinyl pools.



IntelliBrite® 5G

Color-Changing LED Landscape Light

IntelliBrite® Landscape Lights, with 5 fixed colors and 7 shows, are compatible with IntelliBrite® Pool and Spa Lights, and can be contolled by IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch® and IntelliBrite® Controllers. These lights can be mounted in any position on the wall or ground with an arm swing of 0 degrees to 90 degrees



Fountain Lights and Fixtures

For use in Fountains and Ponds.

Pentair Fountain Fixtures are the only fixtures that offer true color lighting capabilities, as well as traditional white lighting. Both large and small fixtures are designed for easy installation and for use with Pentair Pool Products lights only.




The perfect halogen light for wading pools and shallow areas.

The plastic HiLite® is the first light to be UL listed for installations in as little as 4 in. below water surface. The shallow placement of these innovative lights on opposite pool ends will illuminate the entire swimming area, hiding plaster imperfections and eliminating hot spots in the pool.



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Gem Finishes

Gem Finishes

Florida Stucco Gem Finishes, the etch resistant marcite alternative, are a mill prepared marcite alternative blended with the highest quality selected colored quartz aggregates, white portland cement and proprietary additives to enhance strength, density, bonding and curing.

A Gem Finish will yield a hard, long lasting surface highly resistant to stains and spot etching prevalent with traditional pool plasters. Exposure of the aggregate produces a safe, slip resistant and non-abrasive surface that attains a compressive strength in excess of 3500 psi in 24 hours and exceeds 7000 psi in 28 days.


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